T Singapore (September 2019)

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This is a special one. Every year, fashion publications (magazines, in particular) scramble to get their best copies and best reviews for print. The same hectic process also trickles down to T Singapore’s humble office. Here, I am honoured to render assistance to the team, who have been with me since January, for the biggest issue of the year.

In September 2019, I wrote fashion and lifestyle pieces for T: The New York Times Style Magazine (Singapore).

I also transcribed interview pieces and in this issue, I was assigned the bulk of the condensed stories in the Notes on the Culture and penned a review on Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter’19 collection (featuring the new director, Daniel Lee).

I would like to thank Kames Narayanan for her kind patience and constant mentoring. And heartiest congratulations to Renee Batchelor for her new role as Editor at T Singapore.

You may view my articles here:

Condensed Stories: Notes on the Culture

Bottega Venetta: A New Era Defined 



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(I do not own the rights to T Singapore. These attachment are for illustration and portfolio related purposes. All rights reserved to T Singapore. Contact T Singapore to subscribe to the latest fashion trends and releases.)

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