Functionality Meets Style With The Highly-Anticipated RIMOWA Personal Cases

This post was an advertorial project for ELLE Singapore, and was first posted on 10 December 2020.

Back in the year 2000, luxury suitcase brand RIMOWA launched its first ground-breaking series of polycarbonate suitcases. Hard-wearing, lightweight, and undeniably sturdy, the suitcases, with its ridged and sleek design, wowed globetrotters around the world and earned the German label a cult following.

Two decades later, the LVMH-owned maison will debut a similar polycarbonate series, albeit on a much smaller and more fashionable scale: as functional crossbody cases. 

RIMOWA Personal
The RIMOWA Personal, available in four glossy colours, retails at SG$1,750.

Melding the label’s signature groove design with petite silhouettes, the RIMOWA Personal collection comes in four different colourways—Desert Rose, Cactus Green, Black and White. The debut highlights the 122-year-old luxury label’s growing repertoire of contemporary lifestyle offerings, which now comprises modern shades, iPhone cases, and a new line of soft bags. 

With overseas travel is out of the picture, RIMOWA Personal collection still finds its muse in the daily commute. Practicality meets style with these crossbody clutches, which boast two open compartments, a zipped pocket, and three card slots to ferry your essentials about.

At a time when crystal-healing and healthy manifestation are in trend, ELLE Singapore draws references from the world of crystals (and their symbolisms) to pair a unique RIMOWA Personal crossbody bag with some unique crystals to add to your collection. “Why?” you might ask. So that can better manifest your desires for the year ahead.

For Love and Compassion

RIMOWA Personal
The RIMOWA Personal in Desert Rose

Beyond their gorgeous lustre, pink-hued crystals are great for restoring trust, manifesting harmonies, and even promoting love or self-love. The RIMOWA Personal Desert Rose colourway finds its parallel in these beautiful dusky pink stones, and I suppose slinging the carryall is akin to manifesting unconditional love and peace.  

Crystals: Rose quartz, Rhodonite, Morganite

For Grounding and Protection

RIMOWA Personal
The RIMOWA Personal in Black

Intriguing and mysterious, black crystals command a powerful presence in the world of crystals. Despite their seemingly austere façade, black crystals are famous for their abilities to protect and to help users find stability in troubling times. Like these mysterious stones, the RIMOWA Personal Black colourway is a riveting statement on its own, almost as if telling that its owner is unafraid, unabashed and ready to conquer the world. 

Crystals: Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, ObsidianSEE ALSO

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For Mental Clarity and Creative Ideation

RIMOWA Personal
The RIMOWA Personal in White

Innocence, freedom, purity and unity are some of the many themes prescribed to white crystals. White crystals are known to be ruled by the Moon. They can enhance mental fortitude, boost the vibratory frequencies of other crystals, and aid in cleansing or healing. More importantly, they represent femininity and regeneration. Beyond evoking this very feminine energy, the RIMOWA Personal White colourway alludes to a clearer, calmer and more creative mind.

Crystals: Clear quartz (also known as the “Master Healer”), Opalite, Selenite, Howlite

For Prosperity and Growth

RIMOWA Personal
The RIMOWA Personal in Cactus

Green crystals correspond to the heart chakra and nature. They work as great healing crystals, and are known to manifest prosperity and wealth. Other symbolisms attached to these green-hued mineral stones include personal growth, energy renewal and vibrancy. So, when it comes to having the RIMOWA Personal Cactus Green colourway as part of your outfit, think of all the healing energy radiating through your body, propelling you to grow and seize the day.

Crystals: Green Aventurine, Blood Stone, Malachite, Prehnite

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