5 digital art projects that promise to wow

This story was first published by The A List SG on 29 October 2020.

If you are looking to spice up your diet of online entertainment and relaxation, check out these five digital art projects by local talents. From a virtual art exhibition featuring interactive artworks and an augmented reality experience, to a dance live-streamed in 360-degree and a virtual art walk, these projects offer unique experiences that will reshape your perspective of art. 

Sustainable Singapore

illustrated poster of a hand with multiple objects digital art

This virtual exhibition presented by creative technology studio The Meshminds Foundation, features interactive artworks by 20 Singaporean artists, including Anngee Neo, on what sustainability means to them. The artists make use of an augmented reality application to add layers of animated storytelling to their two-dimensional works. The show hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues affecting Singapore and the world, and is supported by the National Arts Council aspart of the #SGCultureAnywhere campaign. Watch works of art come alive at Sustainable Singapore here.

#THEGOESONLINE: Being Virtually Present 

image of man with doodle in back  digital art

The Human Experience Dance Company (T.H.E Dance Company) makes its foray into the digital realm with a series of digital dance performances that strive to retain as much as possible, the characteristics of a live performance. Its programme includes performances in Oct and Nov, featuring Bulgarian dancer Dimo Kirilov Milev and Belgium-based dancer Jos Baker, livestreamed via YouTube.  And in Dec, audiences can look forward to a 360-degree, virtual reality experience of the company’s first full-length performance of PheNoumenon (2019). Tickets are sold on a pay-as-you-wish basis. Learn more about #THEGOESONLINE: Being Virtually Present here

Thriving Art Exhibition

 digital art poster collage of artists involved in thriving art exhibition

This virtual exhibition presents a vision of Singapore as a thriving nation where the use of technology and data supports creativity and human connections. Launched by media agency CreativesAtWork and creative studio ALH Studio, the exhibition features works by artists from different genres including dance, music and visual arts. Audiences can also join guided virtual tours and creative workshops held in conjunction with the exhibition, such as classes on the basics of active meditation or improvisational dancing. Learn more about Thriving Art Exhibition here.   

Gathering Shards By Loi Cai Xiang

large blobs in the Singapore sky  digital art

Melding virtual and augmented reality together, this immersive exhibition by Singaporean art practitioner Loi Cai Xiang features 63 artworks, including 10 new digital creations and 20 pieces created using augmented reality. The digital exhibition is a reflection on the pandemic and an encouragement to viewers to take things slowly, collect themselves, and contemplate valuable lessons gleaned from trying times. Visit the virtual showroom for Gathering Shards here

Days — And Counting

 digital art project image of a tv with start the experience

Non-profit art organisation OH! Open House is known for its signature in-person art walks that bring people to artists’ homes, or around a neighbourhood to view art installed in private spaces, and to discover lesser-known stories. In late October, the art group will instead be launching a series of virtual art walks. The first, Season 1: Walls Crumble, is inspired by Teletext, a now-defunct information service that used to run on TVs. It offers a virtual experience of digital artworks, including a live-streamed performance. Tune in to Days — and countingSeason 1: Walls Crumble here.

(Photos: The Meshminds Foundation, T.H.E. Dance Company, CreativesAtWork, Loi Cai Xiang, OH! Open House)

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